Yup, I am writing a few ebooks.

  1. History of the Stock Market – Free
    1. The first trading Market
    2. The First US Market
    3. Great Falls and Great rises
    4. Most of all I explain why the average investor should have this as part of their education of trading
  2. Logistics of Trading – expected cost $3.00
    • In this book I explain a great many things that you need to know before you make your buy/sell.
      • I discuss saving to invest and investing for your retirement
  3. Stock signals – expected cost $7.00
    • In this book I will explain a great number of buy and sell signals and the trading platform that I use.
  4. How to start trading and not lose your a$$ets – expected cost $21.00

I am expecting History of the Stock Market to be available by the end of October, 2018.
It’s my further hope that each of my other books will be released four to six weeks in succession¬†